The resources being offered weren't fitting the need. Seeing this was the planting of a seed and Ned decided to nurture it.

24 September 2019 | minneapolis
Investing in the Impact Snowball: Dan Murphy

He saw a different way to do business. So he developed a new business structure centered around creating impact and charitable giving.

09 September 2019 | minneapolis
Impact Partnership: Global Shapers

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05 September 2019 | minneapolis
Impact Partnership: Social Enterprise Alliance

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Part of the “social” in social impact is working with other organizations in the community to strengthen each

23 August 2019 | minneapolis
Meet Bailey!

In this blog, we are highlighting some of our team members so the community can get a chance to know us better as we transition into our new space.

29 July 2019 | minneapolis
Meet Mia!

This summer, as we think through maintaining and building community, we are highlighting some of Impact Hub’s team members so the community can get

15 July 2019 | minneapolis
Going Beyond Potential: Mark Hiemenz

Melodic voices of the acapella ensemble Caritas float in the air. The group performs to help human service organizations raise money. They are

10 July 2019 | minneapolis
Reinventing the Toothbrush: Umar Ahmed, Twiggy Fresh

His mother would travel abroad when he was younger. Journeys to the Gulf Countries from Somalia seemed like a world away for a young Umar, especially

24 June 2019 | minneapolis