16 March 2020

Nonprofit Founder to watch in 2020: Wes Meier

Wes is the co-founder and CEO of EOS International, a nonprofit social enterprise that provides rural families in Central America access to low-cost high-impact solutions which allows families to climb out of poverty.

Over 85% of Central Americans do not have access to safe drinking water as their water sources are contaminated with bacteria, causing harmful health issues in the population, particularly children. With a comprehensive approach, EOS provides cost-effective safe drinking water solutions at the community level.

Since the creation of EOS in 2008, EOS has directly impacted over 540,000 Central Americans.

After graduating with a degree in mechanical engineering from Iowa State University, Wes worked as an Agriculture Specialist with the Peace Corps in Nicaragua, Central America, where he also co-founded EOS. Prior to stepping up as CEO of EOS, Wes initiated a West African manufacturing facility which fabricated agricultural processing equipment in Senegal, managed manufacturing partnerships in China, and lead a human-centered design innovation lab in Malawi using several public and private partners.

He is a Global Shaper Alumni (an initiative of the World Economic Forum), currently serves on several nonprofit boards as well as sitting on the Advisory Council of the United States Global Leadership Coalition.

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Source: https://www.causeartist.com/nonprofit-founders-impact-the-world-2020/