29 November 2021

Working Towards SDG 9

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Sustainable Development Goal 9 is working towards building a resilient infrastructure, promoting inclusive & sustainable industrialization and fostering innovation. This progress is key to finding lasting solutions to both economic and environmental challenges, such as providing new jobs and increasing access to innovative technologies.

Thank you to our members & partners working towards this goal!
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Angaza Logo

Revolutionizing distribution for life-changing products.

Angaza makes it possible for over 2 billion people around the world to access life-changing products. We redefine how these products are purchased, enabling distributors to offer affordable payments to consumers without access to traditional banking.

Clip Different

The power of one small thing.

We believe each person has a story which can inspire and empower others. At ClipDifferent, our story includes a group of socially-minded collaborators who aspire to create innovative products that can leverage the power of how one small thing can make a huge difference.

Fair Anita

Cute + Ethical + Affordable

Fair Anita teamed up with talented artisans worldwide to design ridiculously cute gifts + accessories that invest in women and fit your budget. Now, when you purchase jewelry, you can shop your values!

Forge North

Your front door to startup growth inn Minneapolis-Saint Paul.

Forge North is both a rally cry and an active coalition of entrepreneursinvestorsbusiness leaders, and other problem solvers united to make Minneapolis-Saint Paul the best place to start and scale ventures. Learn more about us in the video.

Lunar Startups

Economic empowerment through inclusive entrepreneurship.

Lunar Startups specializes in growth, connection, and innovation for Black, Indigenous, people of color (BIPOC), LGBTQ+, women, and non-binary entrepreneurs.

We’re building an unshakeable system of support for our CEOs. No tools or time wasted, we’re demystifying pathways for scalable growth and creating a gravitational pull for talent, jobs, and capital to the Bold North.

The little market with a big purpose.

Seasoned Specialty Foods is all about local foods and helping the small-batch food maker enter and thrive in the market place. Our experience is working with makers of color and women-owned food businesses.

At our core, we are a producer-led market with a unique grocery model that helps food startups and emerging food businesses to bring their finest products directly to consumers, while working to connect them to more retailers, and give them all proceeds from their food sales. We call this co-retail – an artisanal  grocery model with potential to create efficiencies and equip small producers to scale.

Software for Good

We bring people and technology together to solve complex world problems.

The Software for Good team of Minneapolis software engineers believes technology has the power to engage and motivate people to solve critical global issues—issues like climate change, hunger, human rights, clean water, renewable energy, health care, and education.