29 October 2021

Working Towards SDG 4: Quality Education

SDG 4 – Quality Education is working towards inclusive and equitable quality education and lifelong opportunities for all.

Thank you to our partners & members for your work towards this goal!

Small Business Technical Assistance Program (B-TAP)

The B-TAP program was created to provide consulting support to businesses located in the City of Minneapolis. Through B-TAP, the City contracts with local organizations focused on entrepreneur training and economic development to provide direct services to new and existing businesses.

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Bridgemakers is a holistic civic social and financial capacity building platform which amplifies the stories and mentors the leadership of black, brown and otherwise marginalized youth. We build bridges between young artists, activists and entrepreneurs with experienced leaders to engage intergenerational collaboration in breaking cycles of miseducation, poverty, violence and addiction. Together, we’re reimagining and revitalizing marginalized communities to flourish with passion purpose positive relationships and power.

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Online Training for Community Leaders Working for Social Change

Cultivate’s one-of-a-kind program provides training and personalized coaching for community leaders and their organizations, to equip them to lead grassroots community programs which fight poverty, injustice, and oppression.

We believe empowerment through education is key to social transformation.

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Resources to rebuild, reestablish and reignite your business

Elevate Business HC offers businesses in Hennepin County free advising and other resources to help them recover from the pandemic and build for future growth. A collaborative effort between Hennepin County and the Minneapolis Regional Chamber, Elevate Business is committed to providing equitable and inclusive support to meet unique needs of businesses, while driving long-term economic growth for our region.

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We Remove Barriers to Understanding.

GogyUp converts existing documents into interactive information resources for adults with limited literacy skills, impaired vision, dyslexia, or beginning English proficiency.

What’s more, GogyUp’s approach to literacy skill development means that adults can improve their ability to read over time as they use GogyUp in their workplace and throughout daily life.

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Gary S. Holmes Center for Entrepreneurship

The Holmes Center is the hub of entrepreneurship and innovation at the University of Minnesota that inspires, educates and connects the next generation of Minnesota’s entrepreneurs. We mobilize the community and provide support for emerging entrepreneurs, both within and outside the University, through experiential courses and engaging outreach programs.

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Engaging 1,500 listeners and readers by the end of 2022.

Legacy Family Center is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Our goal is to address unmet social, emotional, and educational needs of children and their families with emphasis on developing the capacity
of the family through partnerships and collaborations in the community.

The mission of Legacy Family Center is to serve as a catalyst for families to affect their own change by providing education and social services within the communities in which they reside.

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Where ideas and intellectual curiosity matter

At Macalester College, we’re painting a different picture of what a liberal arts education can be—one where challenging academics inspire personal, social, and intellectual growth. With special emphasis on internationalism, multiculturalism, and service to society, a Macalester education prepares students to thrive in a globally connected world.

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A premier visual publication of black male educators across the USA.

Across the USA Black Male Educators make up about 2% of all educators despite research indicating the impact educators of color have on all students. Black Male Educators are faced with so many challenges in the field of education. From isolation, racial bias, racial inequities, self hate, tokenism and the simple fact that the system was never designed for people of color let alone black men. This publication is created in the spirit of decolonizing these educational oppressive challenges and UpLift current Black Male Educators and visually inspire young Black Aspiring youth.

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