At Impact Hub MSP we believe that our members have knowledge and passion that adds value to  our community. All of our sponsored clubs are organized by and for our members. Our clubs provide ways for the community to dig deeper into their connections while doing activities they love!


Book Club

Whether you have time to read the book or not, the members of the book club are excited to talk about new ideas and learn from each other. Learn more here!

Climbing Club

To climb or not to climb? Either way, the answer to “Should I join Climbing Club?” is a yes. Join members who are climbing to the top or just there to talk. Either way, you’ll grow your problem solving skills and make new friends. All abilities are welcome! Learn more here!

Interested in starting your own club?

To make sure that Impact Hub can provide proper support to club leaders, all clubs must be approved through an application process. Please see our How To Apply page for more information.