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SDGs in Action: 13 Climate Action

Temperatures are rising. Carbon dioxide levels and other greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere have reached record highs. Weather patterns are changing and sea levels are rising. If left unchanged, climate change will continue to worsen storms and natural disasters and cause global threats such as food and water scarcity.

Addressing climate change means looking at all of our systems (energy, industry, transport, food, agriculture and forestry) in order to limit global temperature rise and lower emissions. This will not only help reverse the negative effects, but also create over 18 million jobs focused on sustainable energy and could trigger $26 trillion in economic benefits by 2030.

So what are we waiting for?

Take Action

Find some resources below to support your climate action journey. But know that even small decisions regarding your personal lifestyle make a difference. About two-thirds of global greenhouse gas emissions are linked to private households. We can help make a difference!

Local companies making a difference:

Startups and Entrepreneurial Support Organizations are also tackling climate change with innovative clean energy and food solutions.

Perennial Pantry 

Perennial Pantry exists to bring delicious, climate positive food stables to your kitchen through regenerative agriculture.

Their leading regenerative corp is Kernza – the first perennial grain, meaning it lives for multiple years. Kernza has 10 foot deep roots, where the magic of healing the earth happens!

Benefits of Regenerative Agriculture

  • Building soil: Increased plant diversity, covering soil year-round and stopping tillage builds healthy soils
  • Cleaning water: Healthier soil catches and holds water during extreme rain events and perennial crops prevent water contamination
  • Fighting Climate Change: Plants can draw carbon out of the atmosphere and store it in the soil

Want to learn more and celebrate this amazing crop? Check out KernzaFest on June 18, 2022 from 10am-6pm in Lake City, MN.

Grid Catalyst: 2020 Clean Energy Cohort

Grid Catalyst is a Clean Energy Accelerator Deploying Solutions for Northern Climate Challenges. They work to accelerate clean energy deployment by connecting entrepreneurs to project demonstration, mentorship and development and investment to grow their business.

In March, they announced their inaugural Energy Startup Cohort for their Northern Climate Accelerator Program.  

Meet the Startups:

All projects are being deployed in Minnesota in partnership with clean energy leaders from across the state.

“These startups represent an exciting wave of clean energy technologies and solutions that create opportunities for decarbonization, investment and workforce in the Midwest.”

Alongside community initiatives and personal choices, state regulation, the actions of companies and civil society, and environmental & social enterprises have an important and disruptive role to play in accelerating the global transition to sustainability. As a global network, we are stepping forward and aligning our efforts to achieve impact at scale. 

Learn more about Impact Hub Global’s Environmental Strategy.

How Good Intentions Can Cause Dependency

Nonprofits, foundations and social businesses are committed to doing good. But sometimes, unforeseen consequences can come from good intentions. Local jobs are lost, solutions fail when volunteers leave or money runs out and poverty can actually increase.

This month, Emanate International shared an enlightening workshop on this topic highlighting the importance of community-driven, sustainable solutions.

If you missed the event, you can watch the recording here.

Learn more about Emanate International on their website, watch interviews on their YouTube Channel and register for their newest Certificate in Sustainable Development Practice. You can get 25% off if you register by June 16th using: Promo CODE: 25OFF_CERT

Food Waste Summit

This month, we were also excited to welcome attendees of the 2022 Food Waste Solutions Summit to Impact Hub MSP.

3 days of insights, innovation, and action happening right in our neighborhood!

Presented by ReFED, the Food Waste Solutions Summit is the premier food waste event of the year, bringing together food businesses, funders, solution providers, innovators, policymakers, nonprofits, and more to drive the adoption of solutions to reach our collective goal of a 50% reduction in food waste by 2030.

Learn more:

Values-Driven Branding

Creating a new brand can be scary. Ashly Kimball, of A Kimball Creative, shared some new, fun ways of thinking to build your values-driven brand.

  • If your business was a movie, what genre would it be? 
  • Look at your business through 3D Glasses
    • The red side is your messaging and the blue side is your style/vibe, completing the big picture of your brand!
  • You are a character AND the director in your business’ movie – In the middle of crazy entrepreneurship, don’t forget to take a step back and notice what you are building

If you missed this workshop, check out the recording and visit A Kimball Creative.

Community Building and Puzzle Building

When our members aren’t working hard to change the world, we take a little time for fun such as;

  • Completing our first communal puzzle
  • Taking game breaks. Our favorites right now are Foosball, Connect 4 and Laser Chess
  • Weekly Happy Hours – one of which included a special plant exchange with dirt cupcakes
  • Giving lots of snuggles to our furry four-legged members

SDGs in Action: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions 

Everyone, no matter your age, identity or background, deserves to feel safe and free from fear of violence in all of its forms. Yet, everyday, terrifying injustices are happening across the globe;

Sustainable Development Goal 16 is working towards ensuring just, peaceful and inclusive societies. How?

  • Identifying the root causes and drivers of conflict. 
  • Promoting non-discriminatory policies through free, democratic press
  • Combating corruption, bribery and organized crime in order to prevent extreme violence and terrorism

However, progress towards this goal feels very distant as we watch the destruction, senseless deaths and clear violations of human rights caused by the War in Ukraine.

Our friends at Impact Hub Odessa had this to say;

“We believe that Ukraine will stand because we are united and the whole civilized world is behind us. But we need to act! This war is more than anyone could imagine and puts the security of Europe at risk. All international security rules do not work. Now the actions and choices of each of us influence the future of Ukraine, Europe and the world.

As a global community, the support is almost overwhelming. Whether witnessing the relationship between Impact Hub Odessa and Impact Hub Moscow (and the changemakers in Russia for peace working behind the scenes that cannot disclose their work) to Impact Hub Yerevan offering what they learned operating a Hub during war to leaders from Bucharest volunteering at the Border to the US Hub leaders coming together to support our members impacted by the latest events, I am grateful for you all and the work you do. “

If there is anything to learn from these times and conflicts, it is how we can play a role through the work we do everyday in rebuilding social fabric and local economic development through community engagement and responsible business.

Thank you to our community and partners for your support as we more strongly and collectively imagine a brighter future into being.

Together for Mental Health

I didn’t want to end this blog post without also mentioning Mental Health Awareness Month. After hearing these bleak statistics, feeling constant worry about the state of our world plus the stress, isolation and uncertainty of a global pandemic, it is clear that mental health should not only be a focus of this month, but always.

Learn more about how Mental Health Awareness Month is reducing the stigma around mental health, lifting up resources that contribute to wellbeing for all and celebrating the pioneers who have gotten us where we are today.

Mental Health Awareness Month Resources

Community Impact: April 2022

Each quarter, Impact Hub MSP hosts a Member Town Hall to bring the community together, share ideas, celebrate wins and hear Hub updates. A few highlights for Q2 include;

And here is a clip from our presentation celebrating some our amazing members!

Watch the recording of our Q2 Town Hall.

In Case You Missed It

Wow, our community is full of talented people making a difference! This month, two of our members paid it forward by offering their talents as workshops. Learn more about Jonathan and Tamara below.

Grant Writing 101

Jonathan C.W. Jones is an educator and social entrepreneur focused on empowering people to voice their ideas, tell their story and secure resources to do good in their communities.

In this workshop he shared tools to help entrepreneurs feel empowered towards securing their next grant including;

  • The basic elements of grant proposals
  • “Gems” in writing and submitting a proposal
  • Intro to the Template Process
  • Resources to help you on your grant journey

If you weren’t able to make it, be sure to watch the recording to get invaluable ‘gems’ to support your grant writing journey. 

Follow Jonathan and his work with Ideation 4 and UpLIFT.

Get a Grip on Your Business

Tamara Prato has twenty five years of experience connecting the dots. Her passion is helping small businesses. She has spent the past 15 years creating a community that celebrates growing businesses while providing programming to help them succeed.

In this workshop, Tamara introduced entrepreneurs to the six key components of a successful business. Attendees were able to walk away with a set of simple, practical tools to focus on priorities, get clear on issues and gain traction. 

Find free tools & resources on this topic here.

Follow Tamara and her work with Connect the Dots.

SDG of the Month: Responsible Consumption & Production

Responsible consumption and production is about doing more, better with less. It is about promoting a sustainable lifestyle, increasing resource efficiency and separating economic growth from environmental degradation.

Did you know that between 2010 and 2019, electronic waste grew by 38% but less than 20% is recycled!? Our global material footprint continues to rise as the world uses our natural resources unsustainably. In 2017, our footprint reached 85.9 BILLION metric tons.

Individuals and businesses need to find ways to reduce waste while making informed decisions about what and how you buy.

Impact Hub MSP is excited to partner with two innovative companies helping us contribute to a regenerative economy.


We are excited to be partnering with Ridwell to offer a free month of service to our community! Sign up today to get on board with wasting less

Ridwell is a grassroots organization that helps households waste less by picking up reusable and hard-to-recycle items such as plastic film, batteries, lightbulbs and more and finding new life for them. Their mission is to save as much from the landfill as possible. In just about 3 years, Ridwell members have saved ~4.6 million pounds from our landfills!

How it works

  • Members receive Ridwell bin with labeled bags
  • Fill Ridwell bags with batteries, lightbulbs, plastic film, and threads (as well as add-on and rotating categories)
  • Drivers collect full Ridwell bags every two weeks and replace empty bags in bin
  • Collected items are recycled or reused by local partners dedicated to wasting less

More info at!

GLOBAL Partner: Goodwings

As part of our Global Environmental Strategy — which, in a nutshell, aims to make sure that all our programs, events, spaces and activities become as sustainable as possible — we are collaborating with key stakeholders to tackle the climate emergency. 

Following up on that commitment, we have partnered up with Goodwings to better understand, reduce and remove our network’s travel-related carbon emissions, at scale.

Goodwings is the only travel platform that calculates, reports and pays to remove its clients’ travel emissions — and now offers Impact Hub members and employees discounts on subscription-based memberships.

Welcome New Members!

What brings members to Impact Hub? Interesting events, a cozy workspace, supportive resources, but mostly the amazing community of entrepreneurs and innovators making a difference in the world. Check out our monthly recap to meet our newest members and see events you may have missed.

Christopher Roberts – Data Scientist, Data for Humans LLC

Passionate about: Data, Parenthood, Fiber-Arts

SDGs: Zero Hunger

Mary Taris – Founder & CEO of Strive Publishing, Chameleon Shoppes Vendor

Passionate about: Centering Blalck voices to dispel stereotypes and to spread Black joy through books and the literary arts.

SDGs: Reduced Inequalities, Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

Shalawn Randall – Founder of B’YOUtique, Chameleon Shoppes Vendor

Passionate about: Spreading love, kindness and uplifting others.

SDGs: No Poverty, Zero Hunger, Good Health & Wellbeing, Reduced Inequalities, Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions

In case you missed it

Impact Hub is busily preparing for our Summer Interns 4 Impact Program – Interns for Impact is a program for members of Impact Hub Minneapolis St. Paul that connects students from local schools with socially-oriented small businesses. Through this program, both the business and interns receive extra support and educational opportunities. This month we hosted a workshop on How to Work with Interns.  Learn more about Interns 4 Impact here and fill out this interest form if you would like to get involved. Find resources from this webinar here.


The Difference Between B Corps & Public Benefit Corporations with MN B Local

Have you always wondered about the difference between B Corps and Public Benefit Corporations? This is one of the top questions we get at Impact Hub. This month, in partnership with B Local Minnesota, we hosted a great event that answered that very question! We were lucky to learn about B Corps and Public Benefit Corporations from Kimberly Lowe, CFO at Avisen Legal, and Steve Simon, MN Secretary of State.

Watch the recording here.

SDG of the Month: Gender Equality

SDG 5, Gender Equality, is working towards;

Achieving gender equality is crucial to realizing many of the SDGs – after all you cannot expect to achieve any global goal if half the world’s population is not fully empowered. And evidence shows that women’s participation makes peace agreements stronger, societies more resilient and economies more vigorous.

In honor of the SDG of the month and International Women’s Day, we would like to recognize the amazing women that surround Impact Hub MSP. Thank you to our staff and volunteers who make things happen at Impact Hub and beyond! (Not to mention our amazing board, advisors and members who aren’t listed). If you don’t already know these amazing women – you should!

  • Katie Kalkman – Not only is Katie our fierce Executive Director – she has been a part of six startups, including Folk School Warroad, and has worked with entrepreneurs from all over the world!
  • Shannon Fitzgerald – Leads our work with @ChameleonShoppes and is finishing up her MBA at the Carlson School of Management in Innovation, Strategy and Community.
  • Bailey Johnson – Working her dream job in Events & Marketing with Impact Hub MSP!
  • Stacy Reynolds – Joined the Hub as a volunteer and now works as a part time Community Host – while also teaching French and building her own social venture; @TheLanguageLearningCOOP
  • Tina Pfau Gonzales – Volunteers with the Hub and @MNBLocal, has her own consulting business and recently joined @SeasonedSpecialtyFoods as their Account Executive
  • Safa Gaman – Volunteers with 1 Million Cups and supports Hub events while working Full Time as a Global Wellness Program Manager with Optum
  • Terri Barreiro – Co-founded Impact Hub, teaches social entrepreneurship at the University of Minnesota, works as a Principal at @CogentConsluting, is a published author, I could go on and on.

Thank you all!

Welcome new members!

Thinking of joining a coworking space? Looking for a like-minded community? Look no further! Impact Hub is an inspiring place to work and connect. Get to know our newest members and see a recap of our February events in this month’s Community Impact Blog.

Joshua Hill – Full-stack engineer skilled in PHP frameworks and AWS architecture

Passionate about: Facilitation, creation, forward momentum, escape rooms, paintball and ultimate frisbee

SDGs: Quality Education, Gender Equality, Reduced Inequalities and Climate Action

Norbert KuchenmeisterSoftware consultant turned manager at Camunda.

Passionate about: Helping people solve problems with software.

SDGs: Gender Equality, Decent Work & Economic Growth, Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure

Design UDesign U is a student-led pro bono consulting club at the University of Minnesota that strives to design for impact.

Impact Hub MSP is excited to work with Design U students this semester on a collaborative project!

Design U Student Consultants:

Samuel WangComing from an engineering discipline with a business background, I believe the success of any community relies heavily on personal growth, community economic growth, and innovation.
Passionate about: People development and the collaboration of individuals to forward society. I believe the future relies heavily on the intersection of human innovation and technology. Only when people in a community come together in partnership towards a common problem will the world become a better place for future generations.
SDGs: Good Health and Well-Being, Decent Work and Economic Growth, Partnership for the Goals.

Neha Shyam Aramkuni
Passionate about: Sea creatures. I’ve been researching them, especially sharks, since I was a kid. As an adult, I use them as inspiration for my designs. For my last sketching assignment, I designed many sea creature-inspired water hose nozzles. I’ve also been researching more about sustainable and ocean-friendly products and design options.
SDGs: Life Below Water, Zero Hunger, Clean Water and Sanitation 

Sanketh Raju
Passionate about: Optimizing processes to better serve an individual’s health. Given my background in the health sector, I would love to see community growth through economic means and innovation to serve the well being of the populous.
SDGs: Good Health & Wellbeing, Decent Work and Economic Growth & Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Vaibhav Jain
Passionate about: The world of startups. I always try to keep up with the new products, services, and technologies that are coming into the market, read about innovative business models, and grab chances to interact with entrepreneurs.
SDGs: Good Health & Wellbeing, Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure and Partnerships for the Goals

In case you missed it:

Impact Hub’s newest staff member, Adi Adara, is an avid advocate for TikTok marketing. Through the testing and application of various strategies to increase exposure Adi has gained 700,000 followers and over 20 million likes since June 2020!

In February, he shared some easy to implement basics for getting started on Tik Tok. 

Check out this quick, fun and helpful guide on Tik Tok Basics to Grow Your Brand.


SDG of the Month

Healthy people are the foundation for healthy economies. SDG 3 – Good Health & Wellbeing is the largest goal in the 2030 Agenda covering topics such as; preventing & treating diseases, providing access to quality healthcare services and prolonging life expectancy.

Nearly two years into the COVID-19 pandemic, it is clear that good health and wellbeing is essential in order to create sustainable, equal and thriving societies. This year, the Black History Month Theme of Black Health and Wellness elevates the importance of SDG 3 by highlighting the disparities within the healthcare system. According to data from the CDC, COVID hospitalization rates among black people were 4.7 times the rate of white people.

However, Black Health & Wellness is also meant to celebrate the legacy of Black scholars, medical practitioners and innovators such as doulas, midwives and herbalists. Learn more here.

What role do social impact startups play in health & wellbeing? 

Innovations around health & wellness are always happening within the startup community.

Organizations in the Impact Hub community like Breathe 99, Backpack EMR, The Arc Minnesota and EOS International are working to ensure access to essential services, healthcare, clean drinking water and respiratory protection.

Coconut Whisk and Body Love Products are creating vegan, all-natural products that put health first.

However, even if your social business does not explicitly focus on health & wellbeing, we can still take steps to advance wellbeing in our work communities. Afterall, the average person will spend 90,000 hours at work – nearly one third of our adult lives!

Moving the needle on public health at the workplace

  • Provide safe and hazard-free work environments which includes a holistic approach to health & wellness (both physical and mental)
  • Understand social determinants of health especially for disadvantaged communities
  • Extend benefits to family members
  • Provide effective wellness programs to advance SDG 3
    • Culturally unique wellness strategies
    • Digital health & wellness platforms
    • Mental Health & Employee Assistance Programs

Learn more through this presentation by Safa Gamam, Global Wellness Program Manager & Consultant at Optum International


Welcome New Members:

We are excited to welcome The Arc MinnesotaMemorialize the Movement and Mario Yimi Barron Aguilar to Impact Hub MSP. Thank you for joining our community!

The Arc Minnesota People with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families trust The Arc Minnesota for help in addressing issues that affect their lives. The Arc Minnesota engages people with public policy, as well as provides individual advocacy and programming to support people and promote systems change. Our work is also supported by Arc’s Value Village.

“We invite you to be a part of the change by attending our gala, volunteering, starting a career with us, and getting involved in public policy.”

SDGs: No Poverty, Good Health & Wellbeing, Quality Education, Gender Equity & Reduced Inequalities

Memorialize the Movement is a grassroots, Black women led organization dedicated to the preservation of Black stories in Minneapolis. Their mission is to collect, preserve, and make accessible to the public the plywood art that emerged following the Minneapolis Uprising of 2020 that was a direct reaction to police brutality in our community.

SDGs: Good Health and Well-Being, Reduced Inequalities, and Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions

Learn more and support the movement!

In case you missed it:

To kick off the new year, Impact Hub MSP hosted a series of training sessions to help us reset for a fulfilling year. These workshops provided an opportunity to check in with our values, strengths and wellbeing.

Don’t worry if you missed it! Here are some recordings and resources to peruse on your own time. Impact Hub members and Hennepin County businesses can also set up 1-1 coaching with Jeff & Bri for free through our Experts Are In program.

30 Lessons From 30 Years with Jeff Kluge 

Wellness Retreat with Bri Huntington