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Tamara Torres
Member Council

Tamara helps busy professionals and entrepreneurs take control of their time and energy to maximize productivity, rejuvenate relationships, and live in alignment with their core values. As someone who fills multiple roles (entrepreneur, employee, mother, and partner), Tamara understands the challenges of work-life integration. By facilitating more than 10,000 coaching sessions in the past decade (and a lot of trial and error in her own life) she has honed the skills to help clients live more intentionally personally and professionally. Areas of expertise include: • Facilitating work-life balance, managing stress through career and life transitions, co-creating strategies to manage time, energy and improve productivity. Helping clients become Indistractable (Nir Eyal). • Habit and behavior change techniques leveraging the Four Tendencies (Gretchen Rubin) to help clients achieve greater life satisfaction. • Providing non-judgmental accountability and support by implementing small, actionable steps that produce lasting positive results. • Support to live more intentionally and achieve greater clarity and focus through mindfulness practices. Curious to discover the next steps? Connect with me to schedule a free strategy call: After just one conversation with Tamara, I felt more control over my to-do list and my time. She listened to my goals, my concerns, and my history of time management struggles without judgment. Within a week, I was crossing items off my list that I never thought I'd get done. With every communication we've had, I've truly appreciated Tamara's recall of what I've been working on and what we've tried so far, along with her ability to gently and insightfully reroute her approach in a way that addresses my work style and my obstacles. I'd recommend her to anyone who struggles not only with time management, but with all the anxieties that come with it. Don't despair; Tamara can help! -Michal R., New York, NY