Jane Durkee
Hub Advisor, Fractional COO

I’m an ideator, synthesizer, possibility seeker and problem solver. I'm an Entrepreneurial Intrapreneur; a strategic and tactical Operator and Program Leader, natural Chief of Staff and Business Development Operator with capacity to build and lead high-growth initiatives on both a micro- and macro- level; working seamlessly in the conceptual and tactical. Ideating and synthesizing strategic business growth initiatives, new revenue pipelines, leveraging cross functional teams to realize maximum potential while focused on the future. In my experience as a Chief Operating Officer, I honed my skill and passion of taking complex situations and turning them into possibility. Whether designing new cross-functional team workflows, maximizing efficiencies by identifying and removing friction points, developing new products, creating and negotiating strategic partnerships, incubating and accelerating new go to market paradigms, I deliver results. My layered experience encompasses demonstrated entrepreneurial and collaborative leadership style, thriving at the intersection of emotional intelligence, ideation and optimism. I generate opportunities, anticipate and remove barriers, challenge the status quo in fast-paced, high-risk industries and startup ecosystem. I thrive in the ambiguous and cut through red tape. I love digging in while working with startups, Founders, CEO's, Subject Matter Experts and Executive teams to enable innovation, strategic and cultural alignment to drive growth while asking both What if and Why Not? Specific areas of expertise: *Ideation *Strategic Business Development *Business Growth Strategy *Cross-Functional Team Leadership *Strategic Operations Management *C-Suite Leadership and Communications *Start-up and Founder Strategic Consultation *Company Culture Alignment and Culture Ambassador *Content Creation and Strategy *Stakeholder and Board Communication and Engagement *Customer Experience Design My passion is contributing as a global citizen. I am a trail-blazing traveler, adventurer and cultural explorer; 10 plus years as international education volunteer in the developing world(over 30 weeks in 9 countries) as an ally with NGO's to realize the UN Global SDG's with a special passion for early education and technology democratization and community engagement. My colleagues appreciate my leadership philosophy: People remember how you made them feel. Never give up. There is always a YES!