Welcome to Skills à la Carte!

 A series of workshops dedicated to giving you concrete skills to help you grow your business. Workshops will be offered for those at every stage of their entrepreneurial journey. Just getting started? Been planning something for a while but don’t know how to get off the ground? Have you been in the game for a minute but want to grow your enterprise further? We’re got you covered! Just pick the workshops that teach the skills you need – à la Carte style.

To begin, please select the level of experience you have. Of course, anyone is welcome to try any course, but we’ve created these categories based on what we think fits you best.

Stay tuned for more details.

Our next round of Skills a la Carte will take place March 17-28.


Do you have an idea for an organization, but you aren’t sure how to flesh it out and grow it into a business? This is the place for you. These workshops will cover the basics that you need to make your dream a reality.


Say you’ve grown your idea into a venture, but you not quite sure how to get it off the ground and running smoothly. These workshops will teach you how to do just that, and other skills you might need along the way.


You’ve been in the game a while, you want your business to reach the stars and beyond, huh? Well, you’ve come to the right place. These workshops cover advanced topics that will send your enterprise into the stratosphere.

Meet the instructors

Terri Barreiro is a consultant to small foundations and nonprofit organizations focusing on improving the effectiveness and efficiency of their philanthropic activities, new venture development, and their collaborative endeavors. She is an adjunct professor at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs and co-teaches at Carlson School of Business, both at the University of Minnesota. She is the co-author of Social Entrepreneurship: the Journey from Issue to Viable Venture. And she is co-founder, and volunteer venture advisor for members of Impact Hub Minneapolis Saint Paul.

Ms. Y. Elaine Rasmussen is a CEO of Social Impact Strategies Group (SISG). Driven by the mission to mainstream impact investing and democratizing access to capital by and for women and communities of color, SISG designs community-centered strategies for philanthropists, nonprofits, foundations, investors and social entrepreneurs for positive, sustainable social impact. Elaine has extensive experience in building cultural competency and facilitating transformational relationships in a wide range of sectors: for-profit, philanthropy, government, Native and non-Native and non-profit organizations. Ms. Rasmussen has a proven track record of strategic positioning, creative communications, combined with an innate ability to develop strong relationships internally and with community partners for win-win outcomes and shared sense of purpose. She has been recognized for her innovation in driving impact & organizational effectiveness.

Tim Roman is an MBA graduate with an educational focus in the areas of sustainability, management of innovation, stakeholder theory, and integrative leadership, as well as consulting experience in business modeling, organizational design, and process improvement for social enterprise. He is an innovative and collaborative business professional with 12 years’ experience in IT from coding to department management. Creating value for his clients through the use of impact measurement frameworks and evidence-based interventions, Tim uses cost/benefit analysis, financial/impact/operational risk models and blended finance models to Communicate client value through unique data visualizations of stakeholder impact value. He also has international experience in Scandinavia, Spain, and Brazil.

For nearly 20 years, Kim Lowe has lawyered from the trenches with experience and her comprehensive knowledge and understanding of how both for-profit and nonprofit enterprises operate. She guides entrepreneurs, executive management teams, boards of directors, multigenerational families, shareholders and investors through all aspects of the business life cycle from formation to operation to exit.

Kim extends her expertise to all sectors of business. She works with social ventures, private and public companies, limited liability companies and partnerships, nonprofit organizations and cooperatives. She masterfully navigates her clients through general business matters, corporate governance, debt and equity financing, purchase and sales, SEC and IRS compliance, business strategy joint ventures and complex reorganizations.

Kim brings her extensive set of entity and contract tools to help business owners and families navigate through the succession of a business from one or more owner/operators to the next set of owners, with special attention to professional service businesses that may or may not be outright salable.

In the nonprofit sector, Kim has worked with all types of organizations ranging from public charities to trade associations and has counseled them through every intricacy of the nonprofit business life cycle.

Bailey Johnson is an empathy-based marketing professional, who helps social entrepreneurs share their important work so that together we can start to solve the world’s biggest problems.

Through event planning and facilitation, community outreach, marketing, communications and fundraising, she is able to assist in building a supportive and engaged network.

She combines creativity with detail-oriented organization to share the important work being done in our community.

Donte Curtis is the owner of Catch Your Dream Consulting where he mentors, inspires, and trains individuals and teams, nationwide, on leadership development,racial equity, entrepreneurship, making effective change and supports them to excel in their dreams and create positive change. With over 10 years of facilitation and speaking experience, Donte is adapt to fostering the collective wisdom in the room and creates space to make sure everyone’s voice is heard. Probably one of the most energetic people you will ever meet, Donte lives a life that is dedicated to leadership, social justice and liberation.

Laurie LeMoine excels at improving health care management. She’s optimized health care delivery, product implementation, payer negotiations, and financial analysis. She’s skilled in a variety of process improvement techniques, including Lean and Six Sigma. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and a Master of Arts in Education from Portland State University. Laurie is a regular participant in Fathom’s run club and can otherwise be found at the lake with her family.

Mary Nord has long been a volunteer mentor for students in the Donald McNeely Center for Entrepreneurship at St Bens and St Johns. There she volunteers to help students move their ventures from idea to first testing launch. Mary has a long history of work in marketing and branding at some of the best firms in the Twin Cities including Fallon Worldwide and Olson. Most recently she was Director of Talent at those two firms. In that position she developed and directed talent recruitment, employee training planning and execution, leadership development, culture change processes, performance management and related HR metrics.

Ben Ihde connects innovators with the resources they need to succeed. He currently serves on the Visus team, helping to define a vision for the Stadium Village area which supports the mission of the University of Minnesota. Previously, he served as Program Manager for MIN-Corps, an NSF-sponsored program that trains UMN researchers to think like entrepreneurs. His past startup experience includes Kaloli Energy, a social-venture charcoal company based in Kampala Uganda; CoCreatex, which supports creative people in the Twin Cities; and Tesla Works and CSE Expo, two student groups that fund and guide UMN students to build technical projects.

Nick Alm is dedicated to investing in LGBTQ entrepreneurs across generations and borders.

In 2017, he co-founded Mossier, a MN-based social enterprise that consults with major corporations on issues related to LGBTQ talent recruitment and retention. Mossier invests profits into LGBTQ entrepreneurs globally. Currently focused on funding LGBTQ-run businesses in Kenya. In the long-term Mossier intends to be the local, national and global leader on LGBTQ employment issues.

Katie Kalkman is energized by the deep relationships that she builds with both her clients and the consultants. Her ability to understand your needs and to identify the right talent for the project at hand stems from her keen interest in the culture and environment of each organization with which she engages.

She is a marketer who understands what marketers need – she has been there. Working for several start-ups (including her own), she has learned about the risks and rewards of thinking big. She understands the passion and effort needed to drive growth and reach tangible results.

Ivy Kaminsky is the Founder and CEO of Find Your Power, a nonprofit that connects women with resources, opportunity and each other. Find Your Power’s main work supports underrepresented women by expanding their access to the Internet. In order to do this work, Ivy and her team support their efforts through mentoring, consulting, and workshops. Ivy is a connector, a resource curator, and a community builder who values integrity, personal growth, and connection; and is passionate about helping women find their power. Some of her greatest strengths are as a deliverer, relator, motivator, and innovator.

Margee Lancaster is a Commercial Lender with Sunrise Banks with 16 years of Community Banking experience.  She started her banking career as a Commercial Banking Assistant working her way up to Underwriter, Portfolio Manager and now Lender.

About Sunrise Banks: Sunrise Banks, N.A., based in St. Paul, Minnesota, seeks to radically change the way urban communities and people thrive by empowering them to achieve financial wellness. Sunrise is certified by the U.S. Treasury as a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), a designation earned by approximately 100 banks nationwide. Sunrise Banks is also a member of the Global Alliance for Banking on Values, a public benefit corporation and is a certified B Corp for its demonstrated commitment to transparent corporate governance and positive community impact.