Welcome to Skills à la Carte!

 A series of workshops dedicated to giving you concrete skills to help you grow your business. Workshops will be offered for those at every stage of their entrepreneurial journey. Just getting started? Been planning something for a while but don’t know how to get off the ground? Have you been in the game for a minute but want to grow your enterprise further? We’re got you covered! Just pick the workshops that teach the skills you need – à la Carte style.

To begin, please select the level of experience you have. Of course, anyone is welcome to try any course, but we’ve created these categories based on what we think fits you best.

Our next round of Skills a la Carte will take place July 20-31.


Stay tuned for more details!


Do you have an idea for an organization, but you aren’t sure how to flesh it out and grow it into a business? This is the place for you. These workshops will cover the basics that you need to make your dream a reality.


Say you’ve grown your idea into a venture, but you not quite sure how to get it off the ground and running smoothly. These workshops will teach you how to do just that, and other skills you might need along the way.


You’ve been in the game a while, you want your business to reach the stars and beyond, huh? Well, you’ve come to the right place. These workshops cover advanced topics that will send your enterprise into the stratosphere.

Meet the instructors

Terri Barreiro is a consultant to small foundations and nonprofit organizations focusing on improving the effectiveness and efficiency of their philanthropic activities, new venture development, and their collaborative endeavors. She is an adjunct professor at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs and co-teaches at Carlson School of Business, both at the University of Minnesota. She is the co-author of Social Entrepreneurship: the Journey from Issue to Viable Venture. And she is co-founder, and volunteer venture advisor for members of Impact Hub Minneapolis Saint Paul.

Laurie LeMoine excels at improving health care management. She’s optimized health care delivery, product implementation, payer negotiations, and financial analysis. She’s skilled in a variety of process improvement techniques, including Lean and Six Sigma. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and a Master of Arts in Education from Portland State University. Laurie is a regular participant in Fathom’s run club and can otherwise be found at the lake with her family.

Ben Ihde connects innovators with the resources they need to succeed. He currently serves on the Visus team, helping to define a vision for the Stadium Village area which supports the mission of the University of Minnesota. Previously, he served as Program Manager for MIN-Corps, an NSF-sponsored program that trains UMN researchers to think like entrepreneurs. His past startup experience includes Kaloli Energy, a social-venture charcoal company based in Kampala Uganda; CoCreatex, which supports creative people in the Twin Cities; and Tesla Works and CSE Expo, two student groups that fund and guide UMN students to build technical projects.

Katie Kalkman is energized by the deep relationships that she builds with both her clients and the consultants. Her ability to understand your needs and to identify the right talent for the project at hand stems from her keen interest in the culture and environment of each organization with which she engages.

She is a marketer who understands what marketers need – she has been there. Working for several start-ups (including her own), she has learned about the risks and rewards of thinking big. She understands the passion and effort needed to drive growth and reach tangible results.

Nick Theisen is a freelance story-marketer who works with individuals and organizations to highlight the human story behind their work. His work finds its sweet spot at the confluence of photographic visuals, audio, writing, and in-person connections. Nick delights in observing the fineries of life, creating space for people to be authentic, and learning to laugh at himself.

Beatrice Adenodi is a marketing guru and awareness advocate. She is the proud owner of Mirror Ink, a marketing production firm that specializes in strategy, planning, logistics, and execution. As a practitioner of experiential marketing for over 15 years, she has supported over 500 brands and has provided logistics and planning for over 2,000 events. This has led her to develop an extensive network of professional colleagues who have helped serve her long list of VIP clients. Beatrice has always been drawn to help build businesses and organizations that create social impact, and practicing in this area of business has given her a greater understanding of human behaviors and patterns. This passion drove her to create Mindless Behaviors, a new segment of her business that is devoted to bringing greater reasoning and awareness to humanity.

Jack FitzGerrell is a recent transplant to the Twin Cities, originally from Boulder, Colorado. Jack previously led marketing as CMO for a music tech startup and now works as a freelance consultant, delivering collaborative value in marketing strategy, digital advertising, branding, and graphic design – prioritizing work with mission-driven startups.

Rebecca Foley owns and operates Phoenix Growth Systems, an up and coming bookkeeping firm located in the NW Metro. We focus on working with businesses to create a strong foundation through bookkeeping processes, and using that foundation to create systems for growth.

Rebecca Foley has over 15 years experience with bookkeeping for small businesses, using QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online. She was trained in bookkeeping as a teenager while working in her father’s accounting firm. Like most entrepreneurs, she used the skills she had learned to create a pathway to entrepreneurship.

Tana Gygi is a vibrant, passionate, and creative entrepreneur who found her “why” when The Social Age was born. The Social Age is a social media marketing company that’s passion derives from helping small businesses showcase their stories, services, and products online. They believe creating a well-branded, customer-centered social media experience builds lasting online relationships for past, current, and potential clients. Their goal is to help their clients and their businesses grow.