Welcome to Skills à la Carte!

 A series of  workshops dedicated to giving you concrete skills to help you grow your business. Workshops will be offered for those at every stage of their entrepreneurial journey. Just getting started? Been planning something for a while but don’t know how to get off the ground? Have you been in the game for a minute but want to grow your enterprise further? We’re got you covered! Just pick the workshops that teach the skills you need – à la Carte style.

To begin, please select the level of experience you have. Of course, anyone is welcome to try any course, but we’ve created these categories based on what we think fits you best.


Do you have an idea for an organization, but you aren’t sure how to flesh it out and grow it into a business? This is the place for you. These workshops will cover the basics that you need to make your dream a reality.

Led by Katie Kalkman.  Do you struggle to get yourself out there and make the connections you need to expand your opportunities and grow your business?  This is the workshop for you.


Say you’ve grown your idea into a venture, but you not quite sure how to get it off the ground and running smoothly. These workshops will teach you how to do just that, and other skills you might need along the way.

Led by Terri Barreiro, this session will teach you how to use The Business Canvas, first used in Stanford University business planning courses.  You’ll leave both with your current business mapped and understanding of how to use the tool for your own quick reflections on your business as it changes.

led by Fathom Consulting.

Led by Katie Kalkman.  Do you struggle to get yourself out there and make the connections you need to expand your opportunities and grow your business?  This is the workshop for you.


You’ve been in the game a while, you want your business to reach the stars and beyond, huh? Well, you’ve come to the right place. These workshops cover advanced topics that will send your enterprise into the stratosphere.

Led by Katie Kalkman.  Do you struggle to get yourself out there and make the connections you need to expand your opportunities and grow your business?  This is the workshop for you.

Stay tuned and join us from November 4th-15th.

Meet the instructors

Terri Barreiro is a consultant to small foundations and nonprofit organizations focusing on improving the effectiveness and efficiency of their philanthropic activities, new venture development, and their collaborative endeavors. She is an adjunct professor at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs and co-teaches at Carlson School of Business, both at the University of Minnesota. She is the co-author of Social Entrepreneurship: the Journey from Issue to Viable Venture. And she is co-founder, and volunteer venture advisor for members of Impact Hub Minneapolis Saint Paul.

Zeb Carlson works with mission-driven organizations to help them bring their marketing ambitions to life. Over his 15-or-so years working in technology, he found that too often marketing planning exercises were leaving people confused and overwhelmed. He believes finding your momentum is critical to your success, and during the past few years, he has developed an approach that is content-driven, rooted in measurement, and helps teams take things one day at a time while also right-sizing efforts to impacts.

As a philosophy major who went to Wall Street, Susan Hammel translates between passionate social changemakers and expert accountants. In her role as Founder of Cogent Consulting Inc., Susan is serving her second year as Minnesota Council on Foundation Executive in Residence for impact investing, designed and launched the new $20 million Minnesota Impact Investing Collaborative fund, and is leading the charge to map the Twin Cities impact investing ecosystem, thanks to support from the Bush Foundation and the Otto Bremer Trust. Susan has served as Executive Director of the Delta Dental of Minnesota Foundation and CFO for Ashoka: Innovators for the Public in Washington DC. She obtained her Masters in Public Policy from Harvard, is a Chartered Financial Analyst, and graduated cum laude Carleton College, in Northfield, Minnesota. Susan has extensive board experience, serving on the Sunrise Banks’ Advisory Board and prior chair of the Citizens League and NPH USA. A lifelong lover of water, (liquid or frozen) Susan and her family reside in Deephaven, a lakeside community outside Minneapolis where she enjoys sailing, kayaking, and skiing.

Laura King is a connector at heart. Laura has many passions: her young family, a nonprofit (Minneapolis Angels) she brought to MN, a networking group (Marketers’ Community) she founded. But above all, Laura is passionate about helping others grow in their career and experience all the joy that fulfilling work can bring. Through her work, Laura has been recognized as a Twin Cities mover and shaker and go-to in talent acquisition, employer branding and talent management resource for many companies. She has also received recognition as a top recruiter on a national scale.

Tim Roman is an MBA graduate with an educational focus in the areas of sustainability, management of innovation, stakeholder theory, and integrative leadership, as well as consulting experience in business modeling, organizational design, and process improvement for social enterprise. He is an innovative and collaborative business professional with 12 years’ experience in IT from coding to department management. Creating value for his clients through the use of impact measurement frameworks and evidence-based interventions, Tim uses cost/benefit analysis, financial/impact/operational risk models and blended finance models to Communicate client value through unique data visualizations of stakeholder impact value. He also has international experience in Scandinavia, Spain, and Brazil.

Kelly Pratt is the founder of “So, do it! for women ready to make  SH!T happen.”  Mentor to creative entrepreneurs, she dives deep with her clients to find their best flow – their “creative rhythm” – turning their ideas and passions into products, artistic creations, books, new business ventures or simply more fulling lives. Pratt is a life coach certified by Dr. Martha Beck.  She helps her clients get their simmering dreams, ideas, and passions off the back burner and begin taking action and doing what they knew they could do.

Brian Edstrom is an attorney and shareholder at Avisen Legal, P.A., where he assists clients with a variety of business transaction needs, including business formation, contract drafting, and financing.  Prior to joining Avisen, Brian served as Director of Securities at the Minnesota Department of Commerce, where he oversaw, among other things, registration activity and enforcement investigations involving securities offerings occurring in Minnesota. Before that, he spent four years working in Washington D.C., where he investigated civil rights and civil fraud claims with the U.S. Department of Justice Civil Rights Division and Civil Division, Consumer Protection Branch. Brian is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin Law School and Colorado College.

For nearly 20 years, Kim Lowe has lawyered from the trenches with experience and her comprehensive knowledge and understanding of how both for-profit and nonprofit enterprises operate. She guides entrepreneurs, executive management teams, boards of directors, multigenerational families, shareholders and investors through all aspects of the business life cycle from formation to operation to exit.

Kim extends her expertise to all sectors of business. She works with social ventures, private and public companies, limited liability companies and partnerships, nonprofit organizations and cooperatives. She masterfully navigates her clients through general business matters, corporate governance, debt and equity financing, purchase and sales, SEC and IRS compliance, business strategy joint ventures and complex reorganizations.

Kim brings her extensive set of entity and contract tools to help business owners and families navigate through the succession of a business from one or more owner/operators to the next set of owners, with special attention to professional service businesses that may or may not be outright salable.

In the nonprofit sector, Kim has worked with all types of organizations ranging from public charities to trade associations and has counseled them through every intricacy of the nonprofit business life cycle.