SDGs in Action: Responsible Consumption
27 April 2022 - minneapolis

SDG of the Month: Responsible Consumption & Production

Responsible consumption and production is about doing more, better with less. It is about promoting a sustainable lifestyle, increasing resource efficiency and separating economic growth from environmental degradation.

Did you know that between 2010 and 2019, electronic waste grew by 38% but less than 20% is recycled!? Our global material footprint continues to rise as the world uses our natural resources unsustainably. In 2017, our footprint reached 85.9 BILLION metric tons.

Individuals and businesses need to find ways to reduce waste while making informed decisions about what and how you buy.

Impact Hub MSP is excited to partner with two innovative companies helping us contribute to a regenerative economy.


We are excited to be partnering with Ridwell to offer a free month of service to our community! Sign up today to get on board with wasting less

Ridwell is a grassroots organization that helps households waste less by picking up reusable and hard-to-recycle items such as plastic film, batteries, lightbulbs and more and finding new life for them. Their mission is to save as much from the landfill as possible. In just about 3 years, Ridwell members have saved ~4.6 million pounds from our landfills!

How it works

  • Members receive Ridwell bin with labeled bags
  • Fill Ridwell bags with batteries, lightbulbs, plastic film, and threads (as well as add-on and rotating categories)
  • Drivers collect full Ridwell bags every two weeks and replace empty bags in bin
  • Collected items are recycled or reused by local partners dedicated to wasting less

More info at!

GLOBAL Partner: Goodwings

As part of our Global Environmental Strategy — which, in a nutshell, aims to make sure that all our programs, events, spaces and activities become as sustainable as possible — we are collaborating with key stakeholders to tackle the climate emergency. 

Following up on that commitment, we have partnered up with Goodwings to better understand, reduce and remove our network’s travel-related carbon emissions, at scale.

Goodwings is the only travel platform that calculates, reports and pays to remove its clients’ travel emissions — and now offers Impact Hub members and employees discounts on subscription-based memberships.