SDGs in Action: Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions
4 May 2022 - Impact Hub

SDGs in Action: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions 

Everyone, no matter your age, identity or background, deserves to feel safe and free from fear of violence in all of its forms. Yet, everyday, terrifying injustices are happening across the globe;

  • 100 civilians are killed in armed conflicts daily.
  •  Over 79.5 million people are forced to flee their homes due to war, persecution and conflict.
  • In 2019, the UN tracked 357 killings and 30 enforced disappearances of human rights defenders, journalists and trade unionists and 47 countries.

Sustainable Development Goal 16 is working towards ensuring just, peaceful and inclusive societies. How?

  • Identifying the root causes and drivers of conflict. 
  • Promoting non-discriminatory policies through free, democratic press
  • Combating corruption, bribery and organized crime in order to prevent extreme violence and terrorism

However, progress towards this goal feels very distant as we watch the destruction, senseless deaths and clear violations of human rights caused by the War in Ukraine.

Our friends at Impact Hub Odessa had this to say;

“We believe that Ukraine will stand because we are united and the whole civilized world is behind us. But we need to act! This war is more than anyone could imagine and puts the security of Europe at risk. All international security rules do not work. Now the actions and choices of each of us influence the future of Ukraine, Europe and the world.

As a global community, the support is almost overwhelming. Whether witnessing the relationship between Impact Hub Odessa and Impact Hub Moscow (and the changemakers in Russia for peace working behind the scenes that cannot disclose their work) to Impact Hub Yerevan offering what they learned operating a Hub during war to leaders from Bucharest volunteering at the Border to the US Hub leaders coming together to support our members impacted by the latest events, I am grateful for you all and the work you do. “

If there is anything to learn from these times and conflicts, it is how we can play a role through the work we do everyday in rebuilding social fabric and local economic development through community engagement and responsible business.

Thank you to our community and partners for your support as we more strongly and collectively imagine a brighter future into being.

Together for Mental Health

I didn’t want to end this blog post without also mentioning Mental Health Awareness Month. After hearing these bleak statistics, feeling constant worry about the state of our world plus the stress, isolation and uncertainty of a global pandemic, it is clear that mental health should not only be a focus of this month, but always.

Learn more about how Mental Health Awareness Month is reducing the stigma around mental health, lifting up resources that contribute to wellbeing for all and celebrating the pioneers who have gotten us where we are today.

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