2019 Pitchfest



Vote for your favorite Social Business!

The community will vote for their favorite business in the following categories:

  • Most innovative
  • Biggest impact
  • Strongest pitch

Winners will receive a free Part Time membership at Impact Hub for 1 year ($1,200 value!) plus a $$ prize!

Meet the amazing women participating in our first ever Pitchfest!

Caroline Karanja, Hack the Gap

Caroline Karanja is the founder and CEO of 26 Letters technology enabled equity and inclusion company. Caroline is also active in the local entrepreneurial and technology ecosystem. She is on the board of the U-YMCA and Minne* and participates in the community to encourage more people to explore their entrepreneurial ventures.

The mission of Hack the Gap is to amplify the voices and cultivate the talents of under-served, under-represented, and under-estimated people in the tech community.


Bella (Nhi) Lam, Coconut Whisk

Bella and Myles are first-time entrepreneurs who are passionate about creating wholesome foods that brings people together. They launched Coconut Whisk in their senior year of college without any business degrees or experience. With a tribe of mentors and plenty of internet searches, they’ve been able to scale Coconut Whisk, from scratch, since Spring of 2018.
Coconut Whisk is a vegan and gluten-free baking mix company that gives back. With every purchase, we provide a vegan meal to a kid in need.


Molly Fuller, Molly Fuller Designs

Molly Fuller is a designer who specializes in improving products and experiences¬†for those with healthcare conditions. She’s designed for major fashion brands and healthcare organizations like the Mayo Clinic.
Molly Fuller Design creates stylish products for people with medical conditions. Her first line of products are stylish sensory friendly clothing for teens with autism and sensory processing disorders.

Elaine Tymchak, Cultivate International

With over ten years of experience in the non-profit sector, a Masters in International Development, and extensive international experience, Elaine is immersed in the international development world. She is passionate about fighting poverty and serving those who are forgotten and disenfranchised by the world.

Cultivate International exists to develop and equip local leaders to build a foundation for sustainable community development. They work with community leaders across the globe to help them launch and lead projects that address poverty and the marginalization of their community, so that they can be the change-makers they hope to be.


Stacy Barnes, Speakeasy
Stacy is a systems thinker, design researcher, and communication designer who has worked across a wide range of industries for over a decade bringing new brands, businesses and strategic offers to life. Beginning work at IDEO New York, Stacy then followed her passion to serve vulnerable populations through design by joining IDEO.org in San Francisco. She has continued to work independently with global for-profit and non-profit organizations to build and implement new human-centered offers that grow the business (for-profit) or produce an outsized positive impact (non-profit).

Speakeasy is a remarkably easy, affordable, and on-demand way to talk with a professional behavioral health coach when you need it. We help clients turn complexity into clarity, stagnation into action, and insecurity into confidence without requiring a commitment or issuing a mental health diagnosis.

Clients can book a same-day in-person appointment or just drop-in to one of our many locations (virtual sessions are also an option). Appointments are $60 or $45 for students.