Meet Bailey!
29 July 2019 - minneapolis

In this blog, we are highlighting some of our team members so the community can get a chance to know us better as we transition into our new space. We most recently took time to chat with Bailey Johnson, our events and marketing manager, about her perspective on this month’s themes of social inclusion and leadership. 

So let’s get started! Bailey, good afternoon. What is your role at Impact Hub? 

I am the Events and Marketing Manager. My role encompasses everything from managing social media and the website to newsletter communications. I also manage internal events for our members and coordinating external event rentals. 

One of the themes at Impact Hub this month is social inclusion. What does that term mean to you?

Social inclusion means giving everyone a seat at the table. I know that’s kind of a cliche, but it’s important: making sure that no matter where you come from, you have access to what you need to be successful. And that you feel welcome and accepted.

Great! How do you think Impact Hub contributes to social inclusion? 

Impact Hub’s mission is all about creating a positive social and environmental impact through entrepreneurship. So by supporting our members; giving them a space to work and connect with other people, and providing learning opportunities and mentorship, we’re helping to support entrepreneurs and small businesses grow and do the great work that we can’t do alone. Specifically at Impact Hub, we’re also really trying to create a space of inclusion so that when you walk in the doors, you feel accepted, safe and welcomed, no matter what your background is. 

Do you have a vision on how some of those points might further improve at Impact Hub? 

Definitely; I think there’s always room to grow. We still are a pretty one note organization. Our membership base is pretty…I guess I would just say white. So we really want to diversify by inviting different communities to the Hub, make sure they feel included and have access to our space. We’ve considered lots of different avenues: providing scholarships, changing our hours of operation to accommodate people who are working full time or can’t get childcare, so that our spaces might be available to a wider group of people. Just having moved into this new space, being closer to the to the Green Line, there’s lots of ideas. We are excited to reach different neighborhoods and communities and go out t0 learn what people need and how we can be a resource for them.

We’re also talking about leadership this month. Could you share with us a leader you admire who you feel has had a positive impact on social inclusion? 

Like I mentioned before, our members are really who we’re here for. I am inspired by the leaders that I’ve met right here in our community. People like Nick Alm with Mossier, who is working to support underrepresented communities in the LGBTQIA+ community. Whether that’s here, offering workshops and consultancy to organizations to teach better workplace inclusion practices, or in Kenya, where he’s helping LGBTQIA+ populations make a living as an entrepreneur where it’s illegal to be LGBTQIA+. 

I also think of  Tech Dump. Their CEO, Amanda LaGrange, is a key leader in our community, helping to support another underrepresented community, adults facing barriers to employment. Tech Dump gives them an opportunity to get them back on their feet, providing jobs and a training program. I am so inspired by the leaders right here in our own community.

Wonderful. I’d like to learn more about some of them and their organizations, as well. Anything else you’d like to share with us before we sign off for today? 

I would just like to say how excited I am about being in this new space. The neighborhood, accessibility, and the potential that we have here to continue to build out based on the needs of our members and create a really thriving community is very motivating.