Making an Impact: Seiche
9 January 2019 - minneapolis

“We like to do tough work,” says Tom Elko, Creative Principal at Seiche. As a full-service strategy and creative consulting agency, Seiche works collaboratively with their clients to come up with innovative solutions to challenging communications problems. Seiche works expertly at the intersections of digital and social impact, media and climate change, strategy design and campaigns. But in everything they do, people come first.

Some of Seiche’s largest clients have been with them for more than ten years. They get deeply invested in the success of their clients by building long-term relationships. One of the recent projects Seiche is especially proud of is a collaboration between funders and grantees resulting in The Power of Minnesota. They had the opportunity to work together to elevate the stories of people benefiting from clean energy.

“There are a lot of possibilities in the work that we can do. There is great variety in subject areas including, local, national and international work. I enjoy being able to dive deep into particular programmatic areas in a variety of industries, and learn new things all while bringing the same principles of good work to each project,” said Tom.

Seiche’s team is growing fast and with their commitment to a positive and healthy work culture, it seems clear that this will continue! They are as dedicated to providing for their employees as they provide for their clients.

Seiche is excited to office out of Impact Hub because their “besties,” Software for Good, are just around the corner and they wanted to be at a place that matched their values with a commitment to social impact and doing good, together.