Traffic Zone Yellow DoorImpact Hub Minneapolis St. Paul is located in the Traffic Zone building (look for the bright yellow door), in the Warehouse District of downtown Minneapolis. We are just south of N Washington Ave on N 3rd Ave (a one-way street headed SW). When you enter the Traffic Zone building, go straight into the main lobby. Take the elevator to the fifth floor. We occupy the first two rooms on the fifth floor. Our coworking space is straight ahead from the elevator and our event space is just to the right from the elevator. We look forward to seeing you!

Public Transit

Plan a ride using the Metro Transit site or app.

BUSES: The 3 and the 14 buses stop within one block of Impact Hub MSP. Many other buses also stop nearby.

TRAINS: The Blue and Green lines, as well as the Northstar Rail, all stop at the Target Field Station, three blocks away.


Bike Trails Near Us Biking to Impact Center

Impact Hub MSP is located just off of the Cedar Lake trail (take the Dock Street exit) and near the Grand Rounds trail (along the Mississippi River). We are also near the protected bikeway on 1st Ave N. Most streets near Impact Hub MSP are also bike-friendly.

If you have your own bike, feel free to either lock it outside of the Traffic Zone building (the building in which Impact Hub MSP is located) or bring it up to Impact Hub MSP on the elevator.

If you don’t have your own bike, consider using a Nice Ride bike, which you can use with or without a membership. There are a number of stations located close to Impact Hub MSP. The closest one is at the corner of Washington Ave and 2nd Ave N.

Nice Ride Docking Stations & Bikes Near Us Nice Ride Stations Near Impact Center


We have intentionally chosen a location that is bike and public transit friendly to ensure our accessibility to everyone working on social impact and to minimize our environmental footprint. Before driving to Impact Hub MSP, please consider biking or using public transit to contribute to our shared mission of social and environmental impact.  

METERED ON-STREET PARKING is available on N 3rd Ave, N Washington Ave, and in the surrounding areas. Street parking on N 3rd Ave is $1/hour, payable by credit card or dollar coins. The east side of N 3rd Ave features 6-hour parking, while the west side of N 3rd Ave features 2-hour parking. Parking on N Washington Ave is $0.75/hour, payable by credit card or dollar coins.
LOT PARKING  is available next to the T3 building under the freeway. See the picture below. Note: You cannot park in the lot immediately next to the Traffic Zone building.
RAMP PARKING  is available in the C Ramp on N 3rd Ave, south of the Traffic Zone Building. You can enter and exit the C Ramp from N 3rd Ave  (midway between N Washington Ave and  N 5th St) or at N 2nd Ave at N 4th St (Don't go towards Ramps A or B when exiting 394.) Willing to walk 3 blocks? Street parking on N 3rd Street between N 5th Ave and N 6th Ave is only $0.25 per hour!