#HumansofImpactHub Tom Erickson



“I took personality tests. I did strengths finders. I really tried to articulate how it all came together for me with work versus volunteering versus my education. There were similarities and there were some disconnects. What I found is once I took a look at myself I was able to help others figure out a little more about their passions and direction.”  

Tom says it like he owns it: “I worked eight years in corporate banking and never received a promotion”—even after earning an MBA at Carlson School of Management. He describes a sometimes arduous process of chasing promotion, which ultimately compelled him to take an introspective look at his trajectories, seeing how things lined up.

Tom is gentle, assured, and trusting. His daughter’s arts and crafts project hangs on a wooden beam in the Impact Hub office; he proudly suggests we take a photo in front of it. In conversation he often pauses, thinks, and offers sage-like advice, distilled to the point of maxim: “There’s a comfort even in misery with corporate life,” “An illness, a death in the family—big things—these are what often drive people to find their passion,” “We require certainty and uncertainty. If we get into too steady of a routine we get bored. If things are too uncertain there’s fear around that. There’s a real need for balance.”

“Introspection was a natural curiosity process,” he says. With a background in psychology and business, if passion-finding weren’t enough, he even helps his clients bridge the gap to their new trajectory. In the future he hopes to work in groups and companies, aligning values and helping employees onboard faster and better.

Tom’s superpower is the either the ability to slow down time or slow down how quickly his kids are growing up.