#HumansofImpactHub Terri Barreiro


“You can’t change the world or give good service with just hope and good intention. You have to be serious about management, strong plans about how you’re going to reach your goals, customer inquiry into what is best, collaboration with other institutions.”

Terri learned this piece of advice the hard way, after an early experience with failure that she says totally changed her approach. “A couple of years out of college I worked for a nonprofit that was just starting up. We began with a lot of hope, and a good idea, and enough funding to launch well, but the program didn’t have a good base of management rigor to ensure our actions would bring about the result we were dreaming of.” Because of these deficits, the funding for the organization was cut off after just 12 months. “It was a big lesson for me,” Terri says.

The lesson has clearly informed Terri’s work over the years, bringing smart, strong strategy to her nearly 40 years of managing foundations, teaching in higher education, and these days, running her own business as a consultant in strategic planning, organizational development, and philanthropic planning. And it also influences her approach with Impact Hub MSP. Terri was one of the founders of the successful and growing organization, and she currently serves as a member of the board. She also serves as a mentor to other Impact Hub members. In all cases, she is keen on sharing the good ideas she’s come across along the way.

If Terri had a spirit animal, it would be a butterfly. “I’m a pollinator. I love picking up ideas from one place and transplanting them to another community, getting them positioned and then leaving. Plus butterflies have always been a fascination of mine. My husband and I transformed almost an acre of our yard into native wildflowers, so I get to watch butterflies all the time.” Whether it’s dropping an inspiring newspaper article on someone’s desk or sharing a piece of advice during a mentoring session, Terri is creating positive change all around.