Get to know us a little better

We are asked a lot of questions. We’ve summed up the most frequent ones so you can learn more about what we aim to achieve as a network, who we partner with, how you can join our community and more. Have another question, contact us via [email protected].

What is the Impact Hub Network?

An innovation lab. A business Incubator. A social enterprise community center. Impact Hub offers you a unique ecosystem of resources, inspiration, and collaboration opportunities to grow the positive impact of your work. Joining our diverse community of members and collaborators will inspire, connect, and enable you to develop your best work every step of the way.

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Do you allow trial days or drop-ins?

Yes, come down and spend a day here before committing to a membership so you can see if the space and environment fits your needs. No need to book – just show up and speak to someone at reception. See you soon!

Are private meeting rooms available?

Yes! We have conference rooms and phone booths available to reserve for quiet phone calls, meetings and webinars.

Do you have any special events for members?

Yes! Our membership is what makes Impact Hub so unique and we try to go above and beyond to make you feel appreciated. We host Member Potlucks and Happy Hours for our community to connect and unwind. Wednesdays we host 1 Million Cups, a national program for entrepreneurs to share their ideas and get feedback. We offer yoga, book clubs, Lunch & Learns and communities of practice based on what you care about.

Can I host events and meetings as a member?

Yes! Members are always welcome to bring guests. Connect with staff to discuss larger events & meetings. We are happy to work with you to host your next event!

What's the community like at Impact Hub? Is this the place for me?

We are a passionate group of social entrepreneurs, nonprofit professionals, freelancers, consultants, storytellers and artists who want to make the world a better place! We’ve got someone working on almost everything, and that’s what makes us a vibrant tapestry for changemakers in the Twin Cities.

What is Impact Hub's Code of Ethics?

Our Impact Hub team follows a set of core principles to guide decisions, and we encourage you to consider these as you operate within this community:

  • Accessible and Welcoming Space
  • Commitment to Equity
  • Progress for Social Innovators & Entrepreneurs
  • Advancing Economic Opportunity and Innovation in Minneapolis-Saint Paul 

As part of the Impact Hub community, I understand that it is my responsibility to maintain and advance the following core values:

  • Authentic Community

We create an empathy based ecosystem where changemakers thrive through genuine connection, innovative collaboration and mutual commitment.

  • Action

We actively engage in social change through community-guided best practices to encourage more immediate results.

  • Shared Power

We believe that innovation and interconnections between mission driven people excellerates change everyone when is given a seat at the table.

  • Sustainable Problem Solving 

We leverage business principles and practices as tools to generate positive advancements in our local and global communities

  • Diversity and Inclusion

Our community celebrates diversity and inclusion while unapologetically fighting for fair and equitable treatment of marginalized peers.


Rules of Conduct. Members and their Guests are required to comply with the following rules of conduct to ensure a safe and welcoming environment.

Respect: Members of Impact Hub come from a diversity of backgrounds and cultures. It is essential that members help us maintain a welcoming, supportive, and safe space for all. Members should consider how their words and actions may affect others while having a healthy curiosity and respect for different cultures and lifestyles. Members should take care to ensure everyone has what they need to flourish in the space.


Cleanliness: Members must maintain any private area and all common areas in a neat, clean, and sanitary condition. Please leave the space in a better state than how you found it. Look for reminders and guiding principles in each space.


Timeliness: We live in a busy world with meetings to take and issues to solve. Be cognizant of the time and acknowledge that your fellow members need to use the  meeting rooms as well.


Awareness: Think about the others working around you. Should I take my call in a quieter space? Am I creating a comfortable and professional environment?


Trust: People here are watching out for you, so watch out for them as well. The members of this community support you and your work. Share gestures of support and be open to receiving support from others.


Happiness: Take a breath. You’re surrounded by a community of people that believe in working to improve things and they’re willing to throw their lives into it. So celebrate each other at every chance!

What are Impact Hub's COVID protocols?

We follow local trends and CDC best practices to maintain a high standard of safety.

  • Everyone entering the space (including non-members) must sign in with the QR codes on flyers throughout the space, in order to facilitate contact tracing.

What are parking options?

There are plenty of parking options near Impact Hub MSP! Here is an interactive parking map. Unfortunately, we don’t have free parking onsite. However, we are right on the light rail and very bike friendly!

Walk or Bike!

There are numerous bicycle routes to our location, including the Oak Street protected bike lanes. See the Minneapolis bike map  and the UofM bike map. There is abundant bicycle parking near our building and there are Nice Ride locations.

Public Transportation

We are on the Metro Transit Green Line — use Stadium Village or East Bank station.

Metro Transit trip planner will designate your best bus/train connections to the Impact Hub.