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Jun 1st
13:00 - 14:00
Impact Hub Minneapolis - St. Paul
Learn the 4 step process for deepening your art as a speaker from professional storyteller Gigi Bisong

Does the idea of public speaking bring up all sorts of insecurities or self doubt? Or maybe you are confident on stage but you desire to deepen your ability to truly move an audience and make a greater impact…

Join Gigi Bisong for THE ART OF PUBLIC SPEAKING on June 1st at 1pm!

In this hour together you will learn a 4 step process for deepening your art as a speaker. These steps include:

-Why now is the time to amplify your message

-How to structure your life to always be prepared to speak

-How to build your inner energetic muscles to hold your unique presence on stage

-How to write a speech that connects to an audience on a deep level

This jam packed hour will be spent learning how to amplify your presence and translate your point of view in a clear and impactful way.

“A powerful speaker is not just due to their well written speech or timely gestures but it’s their way of being, thinking, and their ability to hold their energy in such a way that it is felt when they are on stage”

-Gigi Bisong

This workshop is proudly sponsored by Deane’s Kombucha

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