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Thriving in Transition

Dec 15th
12:00 - 13:00
Impact Hub Minneapolis-Saint Paul
Thriving in Transition (TM) by SPL Coaching

This workshop delivers a powerful and flexible change management framework that can be applied to both work and life situations. Time and time again we see the relationship with change DIRECTLY affects the way that we show up as leaders. If we are feeling burnt out, critical, fearful, or unsure those attributes show up in our communication, thoughts about our teams, and the actions that we take. This session empowers leaders to lead authentically by reflecting their desired values. Together we will reflect on the specific transition you are facing and create a meaningful plan to build resilience and lead with empowerfulment.

Sonya Perez- Lauterbach Bio:

Sonya is a change expert and certified Leadership Coach who empowers individuals to navigate change with more clarity, ease, and joy. Rooted in research-based insights and personal experience, her education includes a Masters of Science in Learning and Organizational Change from Northwestern University, and course work with experts–including world-renowned psychologist Dr. Dan Siegel–on the neurological and embodied aspects of stress and anxiety. She is committed to supporting change agents and mission-driven leaders’ of the world in growing and sustaining their leadership by creating a place for them to pause, reflect, reframe, and re-energize their leadership.


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