Community Impact: August 2022
31 August 2022 - Impact Hub

August is always a busy month – fitting in those last minute vacations, preparing for the school year, soaking up the final days of summer. And it was no different at Hub. We took some vacations, we got outside for our Monthly Member Meetup at Malcolm Yards and started working away to prep for a busy Fall!

Congratulations to the MN Cup Impact Division Semifinalists

Turnsignl is an on-demand, real-time service that provides 24/7 legal guidance to drivers through a live video chat with an attorney who helps de-escalate interactions.

Hack the Gap is an initiative to upskill/reskill predominantly BIPOC women in tech to help them expand professional opportunities and increase financial stability.

​​Forever Ware is working on the first scalable city-wide solution for trash-free takeout and delivery. By signing up, restaurants are stocked with reusable takeout containers that their customers can check out and return.

A special shoutout as well to Hub Member and Chameleon Shoppes Vendor, Coconut Whisk for making it to the finals in the the Food/Ag division!

Coconut Whisk is a vegan and gluten-free food company that specializes in breakfast and baking mixes that are nutrient-dense and easy-to-make. Their product line includes mixes for pancakes, waffles, cookies, and mug cakes.

Monthly Member Meetup at Malcolm Yards

“The Market at Malcolm Yards is dedicated to bringing Minnesotans back together. We’re a community that treasures the tradition of getting together, not just for fun and community, but for a greater good.”

We were excited to host this month’s Member Meetup at Malcolm Yards Market – only 5 minutes from the Hub!

An awesome gathering place that is dedicated to creating a safe, inclusive space by revitalizing the Prospect Park neighborhood and historic Harris Machinery building and supporting inspiring chefs.

In Case You Missed It

The Supreme Court, Originalism and Collective Rights & Responsibilities

Many of us were left feeling helpless after the recent Supreme Court’s decisions on gun control, bodily autonomy and climate regulation.

Minneapolis attorney Bill Celebrezze led us through a high-level review of the decisions with a focus on the methods of analysis driving the Court’s rulings, and the implications of those methods for collective and individual rights and responsibilities.

This event provided a better understanding of the history surrounding these laws and the motivations driving them. And although it may not have provided much comfort, our hope is that understanding the context surrounding the decisions can help drive individual and organizational change.

Watch the recording here.