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Communities of Practice

WHAT: Communities of Practice (CoP) is a group of people who come together to learn – be – do better around a topic, issues, or theme.

WHEN: Monthly –  Visit our Events Calendar for dates

WHO: Professionals intimately connected to/passionate about the topic of discussion.

WHY:  1.) Foster peer to peer connections; 2.) Build relationships; 3.) Spur action; 4.) Generate Knowledge 

Current CoPs

Impact Reporting:

  • Program Description: Community of Impact Reporting Professionals who meet monthly discussion of an emerging social business with impact reporting as a key element of its value proposition, or an emerging topic of interest in the impact reporting sector.
  • Date/time: 2nd Wednesday 3:30-5:00pm
  • Criteria for Participating: Currently work in the field or have emerging interest in the impact reporting community.
  • For more information please complete this form or contact Terri Barreiro at [email protected] or Jann Eichlersmith at [email protected]

Impact Investing:

  • Program Description: Community of Impact Investing professionals who offer investment capital to entrepreneurs, convening to discuss the state of the impact investing ecosystem.
  • Date/time: 3rd Thursday from 9-10am
  • Criteria for Participating: Currently working in the impact investing space – this is a group based on mutual trust.
  • For more information please complete this form or  contact [email protected] or shammel@cogentconsulting.net