Introducing the Art(ist) Impact

Empowering Artists through Community

Starting early this year, we began our ART(IST) IMPACT program, curating rotating art exhibitions throughout the year. Over the course of the exhibit, artists are given access to the impact Hub work space along with the Impact Hub network and community. For Artists, that means potential global outreach to 13,000+ members, including investors, activists, educators, urban food growers and techies. As a Hub member they receive access to all 80+ hubs around the world even while they cultivate support locally. Our hope is that this program will increase cooperation and co-creation between Artists and local entrepreneurs, creating a space where these cross-sector creative groups can learn from one another. In addition, this initiative will allow audiences to find, access and support emerging and established artists, helping them generate income and to share their talents with an ever growing body of followers.  
"The artist is a medium between 'what is' and 'what could be.'" -Keith Haring
Considering Art by the light of Haring’s words, it’s obvious that Artists and social entrepreneurs are natural allies. – Indeed, without an element of artistry, social entrepreneurship would not be possible. The painter or the musician must imagine a new form before they begin to create; in the same way, organizational paradigm shifts and innovative startups firsts find life in the innovator’s mind before they become reality. This parallel experience is part of what inspired the Art(ist) Impact Program.

Current Artist in Residence: Sara Endalew

Many groups are left excluded from decision making when it comes to solving social issues and creating opportunities- Artists represent one of these groups Conventional ways of thinking teaches us that artists produce art and that is their primary role. In its most extreme manifestation, this mentality places artists as simple mechanists -- high risk factory workers who are only valuable to an organization so long as the art they procure remains predictably “good” and accessible to a consistent audience. It implies indirectly that artists produce art only because they cannot be integrated into different sectors of professional fields or because they lack the presumed knowledge or skills for other work. These subversive mentalities as investors, tech companies, and public officials to exclude artists from important decision making. All too often, these powerful groups and others fail to acknowledge that the voice and contribution of artists are essential to accelerate social impact.
"By giving artists a seat at the table, ART(IST) IMPACT seeks to expand our perceptions of artists as those who only offer a simple product. Rather, we seek to acknowledge their creative contribution across all avenues of thought-leadership." - Teeko Yang
Because our initiative seeks in part to give power and voice to under-heard populations, we are focusing our exhibition space on use for Artists of Color and Woman Artists.   APPLY TO BECOME OUR NEXT ART(IST) IMPACT ARTIST  Email to learn more.

Art(ist) Statements